Wednesday, January 23, 2013


                                     Ms Nany Piaggio 


Another great show, hosted by CWS!SIMPLY THE BEST! owners Anrol Anthony and Steve101 McCullough.
Designs by Ms Nany Piaggio graced the stage at the Ballroom
as the models came out to a crowd of applause and cheers.
From the casual to the glamorous, designs for all occasions were shown to
the audience who watched in anticipation as each set of models appeared.
Sassy day time looks for shopping or hanging out, boots, blouses, laced jeans and belts graced the stage as I looked in awe. The ultimate dancing dress barely covering the breasts slimmed down to the lovely waists of the models to a wildly ruffled skirt. Evening wear that had a seductive low cut back giving off a very sensual look. Or a shimmering gown of chiffon showing off the elegance of the design. Spaghetti straps supporting a lacy and open top, to a tight midriff flaring out to a sassy skirt with trail. While words can describe the look, design and feelings surging through me as I looked on, pictures show you.

After the show Ms Piaggio was on the stage
hopefully enjoying the applause the audience had for her designs. It was said that 'Bridging the gap from real life artisan into second life came naturally for Ms Piaggio.
She said she has so many favorite real life fashion designs that she can't name a favorite.'
From the applause and cheers of the audience the show was overjoyed at the designs that Ms Piaggio has so cleverly crafted into some wondrous second life outfits.
I had the opportunity of visiting the shops run by her and her partner. If you'd like you can visit them here;

                                      HIPNOSE FASHIONS